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Finesse Mills LLC, Watsonville

Josie Steigman wanted to develop and brand a line of gourmet products using her Sicilian family recipes, and her husband Steve had companies interested in his formulation and production expertise for tea bagging, pharmaceuticals, natural products and spices. In order to bring together their goals, they formed Finesse Mills LLC. They moved their production operations to a new location in Watsonville from Monterey in April 2006 to expand the business, serve larger clients, and own their property and equipment.

SBDC Consultant Robert Kramer met with the Steigmans in April of 2007 to review their value proposition, business plan and loan options. Kramer conducted a decision analysis of the optimal business opportunities, and suggested a more focused marketing strategy, as well as an increase in pricing and staff. As a result of their counseling sessions, the Steigmans established a new packaging department to support new sales, gained new clients, hired 2 additional staff and refined their mix of customers and COGS to increase profits. They reduced and redirected their product line and developed a comprehensive marketing plan. In just 6 months, Finesse Mills turned their 2006 losses into profits, and increased sales over $100K. They are considering a loan in 2008 to support their expansion plans. As a result of their successes, Finesse Mills LLC was chosen as the “Adopted Business of the Year” by the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

"The consulting from Bob Kramer was instrumental in redirecting the focus of the two operating team members of Finesse Mills LLC, and by implementing the strategic plan we developed, he gave the company a needed boost that is now manifesting itself in tangible physical and financial gains.”

Finesse Mills LLC
Josie and Steve Steigman
244 Walker St.
Watsonville, CA
(831) 761-8145

SBDC Consultant: Robert Kramer
Central Coast SBDC